Sunday, December 4, 2016

Grania Mary O'Malley is not Grania (or Grace) Mountbatten

Grania Mary O'Malley has been trying for many years to pass herself off as the daughter of Lady Iris Mountbatten. This is something than can easily be proven as a lie conjured in the mind of a woman who's own life was too much for her to accept so she created a false identity, false history, and false pedigree.
Her own nieces, nephews, and cousins have come forward to prove that Miss O'Malley is the daughter of  Hamilton O'Malley and Eleanor de Pentheny O'Kelly. Grania was born in France on July 31st, 1950 but in order to bolster her claim of being the daughter of Lady Iris, Grania claims to have been born in 1946 although her real birth certificate is all over the internet.

Her father really did marry Lady Iris although no children were born from this marriage (very easily proven by a simple search online. Lady Iris had one child, a son, by her second husband.

Grania even went so far as to make a fake Wikipedia page for herself which was removed once the site owners were made aware of her fraud. She has made MANY websites devoted to "proving" her claim. She has filed many papers in court and is constantly dismissed due to the easily found fact that she is NOT a Mountbatten.

She has also changed her name (first and last) numerous times by deed poll. Her birth name is: Grania Mary O'Malley. She changed it to: Grania Mary Mountbatten-Windsor and then to: Grania Mary Mountbatten. Once she was thoroughly debunked as a fraud she again changed her name to: Grace Mary Mountbatten (this was after she through a poorly spelled hissy fit all over the wikipedia page).

It's really quite sad that someome is so unhappy with their life that they are fighting so hard to create another.

As to her first marriage Lady Iris had this to say:" In an interview with the Toronto Star in 1981, Lady Iris said that her first marriage was a "total disaster, a nightmare." Hamilton divorced her. "I couldn't get an annulment without telling things I still refuse to tell. I could never tell a divorce court the horrible, ugly things that happened, but my husband finally agreed to divorce me. 
"If I had divorced him, it would have been okay. But for him to divorce me -- that was really scandalous."
Grania sent this message to Marlene Koenig, a decades long authority on decendants of Queen Victoria: "still on my case marlene, you really are obsessed. get help. you are very sick women.
you have mistaken me for someone else. you have no right to harrass me or any person to be some other person they are not. I was actually born as Grace Mountbatten born in 1946. My mother named me Grace, my father called me Grania (both names mean the same).

Grania has a serious issue with basic spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. She also claims to be the "legit" Queen of Germany and proclaimed herself "Queen Grania the 1st" on one of her many fan blogs she runs. Germany, shockingly, hasn't had any press releases regaring their new "queen". When Germany was a monarchy they actually didn't have a queen, they had an Empress. It's honestly difficult to keep up with all the various titles she bestows upon herself because they change from blog to blog.

Feel free to read her self-proclamations on the links below. It's so ridiculous you honestly wonder why she continues the charade.

Notice that there aren't any pictures showing her with her "mother" Iris. She favors a single photo of herself in a huge white hat that was taken at her sons wedding. Grania is now claiming that her fake mother Iris "abandoned her". It's a very easy explanation to wave the lack of pictures but to now accuse a woman long dead of child abandonment is really horrific and over the line.

Enjoy the entertainment. Grania is the gift that keeps on giving.